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High Resolution Sensors For A Great Capture

Sensors and lenses provide the possibility to capture memorable moments in the highest possible resolution. The captures enable people to record the events and activities they undertake, allowing them to reminisce the good times they shared with friends and family without any challenges. The clear capture is made possible by the large resolution Inspec. X and high-resolution sensors are provided by Excelitas Technologies and offer a variety of quality products from a great capture and recording. The LINOS Inspec. X offers several Lens Series with extraordinary imaging quality for large lenses. Additionally, the lens series has varied potential to cover several magnification ranges while providing a prism and area s-scan module solution for individual high-performance line-scan and area-scan imaging.

Additionally, the lenses offer unmatched imaging quality, low distortion, and a greater color correction within the complete visible range for large sensors of up to 82 mm in diameter. The various high inspec. x high-resolution lenses product list includes:

Inspec. x M

The inspec. x M series closes and reduces the gap between the C-Mount MeVis -C lenses and the large inspec.xL lenses. The high-resolution lenses for large sensors come well equipped with lockable manual focus and iris, and the lenses make an ideal choice for sensors of up to 35 mm format on occasions where a fast focus becomes required. The lenses come with a large magnification range and very high numerical aperture, low distortion, and a magnification range of between zero to -0.15. Additionally, the iris diaphragm is manual and lockable, making the lenses an ideal choice for applications like electro- and photoluminescence.

Inspect.x L 5.6/105

The high-resolution lenses for large sensors were made to meet the highest requirements in industrial image processing with very large sensors. The lens series exhibits an even contrast and resolution over an image circle of 82 mm. The proven performance of the lenses makes them a perfect match for sensors like 12k/5um and 16k/5um line-scan sensors. The very large area scan sensors benefit from the high resolution, excellent color correction, and low distortion of the lenses, thereby making them very effective. The four variants of the lenses get optimized for magnifications of 0.33x, 0.5x, 0.76x, and 1x respectively. Additionally, the lenses have a V-Groove at their ends which facilitates the adjustment to the best azimuth position and use of the lens in retro position for magnifications of up to 3x. Also, the lenses have a lockable iris and get engineered to get used in a harsh industrial environment.

Inspec.x L Float

The inspect. xL Float high-resolution lenses for large sensors work with a combination of the field-proven imaging performance of the inspec. xL series and newly developed mechanics. The blend facilitates a large magnification range coverage using only one lens—the inspec. X float lenses use the floating element optics to achieve high performance over a wide magnification range from 0.3x to 3.0x and 0.06 to 0.52, respectively. The lenses come ideal for 12k and 16k sensors geared to magnify and aperture, among other features.

Inspec.x L 4/105

The inspec. xL 4/105 high-resolution lenses for large sensors got developed to achieve a 2 um object resolution. The lenses are designed for sensors with up to 82 mm in length and can resolve up to Ip/mm in the object plane. The lenses provide a high imaging quality that gets achieved across the complete image circle and comes with extremely small distortion, under 1 um over the entire field of view. The lenses come with several features that include an outstanding MTF performance over the whole image circle. High numerical aperture, a focal length of 105 mm, magnification of 3x, 3.5x, 5x, an image circle of up to 82 mm, the spectral range of 400-750 nm, a manual and lockable iris diaphragm, and a V-groove mount.

Prism modules and area scan modules

The prism modules and area scan modules high-resolution lenses for large sensors come optimized with the prism type inspec.x L and D, fine HR lenses. The prism gets designed with a universal mount for fiber guides that get used widely for line-scan illumination. Additionally, the prism module requires a simple setup to provide a complete optical system that combines the illumination unit and the lens to achieve diffraction-limited performance.

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