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How do you protect your windshield in the winter?

Have you ever been driving on the roads of India in the winter and have seen a car with a windshield so dirty it’s impossible to see through?

You might have wondered why someone would drive with such a dirty windshield, but if they’re driving, then there must be a good reason. This is not just one person doing this, there are tons of people driving around with dirty windshields. It’s one thing that can help us differentiate between new drivers vs experienced ones – the experienced ones always have clean windshields whereas new drivers don’t even bother about cleaning their car accessories exterior i.e. the windshield.

So these are the easy steps everyone should follow to keep their windshields clean, without having to remember what to do.

Wipe Down: Use a soft cloth or microfiber towel to wipe down your windshield in the morning when it’s coldest outside (usually around 6 am). By using a soft cloth you avoid scratching the glass and by waiting for when it’s coldest out you don’t have any problems with water freezing up on your windshield. You just have to be careful not to leave any sharp objects near your car at night because if they fall off when you’re driving then they can cause major damage. Plus keeping these items in your car can increase your risk of being robbed so I suggest avoiding this altogether in the winter.

Glass Cleaner: Before you drive off, spray some glass cleaner onto the cloth and wipe down your windshield while it’s still cold. The colder temperature helps keep the water in place so you won’t have to deal with any ice forming on your car when you’re driving around. You can use any kind of glass cleaner or if you want to be frugal then just mix up some vinegar with tap water – if that mixture is too much work for you then at least make sure there’s no yellow residue left behind but don’t buy this stuff from stores because they are expensive. And remember, don’t use blue colored towels since it will leave behind a yellow residue all over your windows which makes it difficult to see outside at night.

Wiper: Don’t use any windshield wipers if you don’t need to because they can scratch your windows and that’s not worth the extra few bucks you save. Plus, water spreads out over your window instead of the wipers just pushing it around so there will be fewer streaks left behind by using this method than if you were to continually wipe while driving. Just use your windshield wipers when you really need them – for example when it’s pouring rain or when the snow is coming down hard. And make sure to clean off all the ice before doing this since there might be some frozen chunks on your wipers too.

It doesn’t matter what level of experience you are at driving in winter conditions, following these steps will prevent damage to your car and make your drive a whole lot safer.

Buy car accessories online to protect your windshield in the winter:

Protecting your windshield in the winter is certainly a better option than ignoring it and forcing yourself to drive with a dirty windshield. If you find that this is too difficult or time-consuming then buy car accessories online when it comes to maintaining your car in winter conditions. Carorbis is a leading online shopping platform that helps buyers to fulfill all their requirements of the car exterior and interior accessories in India. At Carorbis you can get not only the best quality but for home delivery of every order at any corner of India.

So the next time your windshield gets dirty, don’t ignore it! Just follow these quick and easy steps, check out Carorbis to meet your car’s needs, and get back on the road in a safe and timely manner.

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