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These are some of the windshield cleaning products you must buy.

Windshields have become a topic of concern in India across all automobile manufacturers. Vehicle owners are constantly looking for ways to maintain their windshields and appear good while doing so. Commercial windshield cleaning products are available online to maintain windshields.

Windshield glass is transparent hard plastic – it can be composed of polycarbonate or acrylic plastics.  These plastics are hardened by adding certain ingredients during the manufacturing process. As a result, the windshields tend to be highly resistant and durable against scratches and impact.

What is the use of windshield glass?

Windshield glass is a transparent plastic that provides a partition between the outside world and vehicles. This allows drivers to see through it clearly without any hindrance. Windshields also reduce the wind noise from entering the cabin by about 30%.

Windshield glass is one of the very important car accessories of the vehicle. It protects the driver and other occupants from injury in case of accidents. Windshields are manufactured out of plastic and have a special coating on them, which makes them highly durable and resistant to scratches. Many commercial products are now available to maintain windshields without compromising their safety features. This article will provide information about those common cleaning commercial products that can be found across India.

Commercial windshield cleaning products available in India:

Windshields also require regular cleaning at least twice per week for those driving on dusty roads; to ensure that any dirt does not settle on them and further deteriorate or obscure visibility. Increasingly nowadays people drive vehicles with tinted windshield glass for privacy and security reasons.

There is a wide range of commercial products available in India that help clean the glass surface to maintain the clarity and ensure perfect visibility.

The common windshield cleaning products include:

  • Wiper Blade:  There are two main types of wiper blades for cars: traditional, and beam. Beam-type wipers have a single joint and offer better aerodynamic performance than the traditional type. These car accessories are absolutely necessary to keep the windshield clean and provide visibility to the driver in all seasons.
  • Windshield Cleaner: This is a soap-based foam substance that can be used to wipe the glass surface clean. These tend to hold dirt in suspension so it can be easily wiped away when applied with water, leaving behind streak-free glass.
  • Car care cloth:  Cloths are used widely to wipe the glass surface clean. These are available in various sizes and shapes for different surfaces. Michelin Glass Cleaning Cloth is a high-quality microfiber cloth that wipes off the dust and dirt from the windshield.
  • Wheel Brush: A wheel brush is a cylindrical object with stiff bristles used to clean the wheel rims and other parts of the vehicle. Michelin Wheel Brush, Round is used to wipe dirt from small crevices in the car body.
  • High-pressure washer:   This product is most commonly used to clean different parts of the vehicle including the windshield. Michelin High Pressure Washer MPX16E is a highly popular high-pressure washer
  • Crystal Glass Cleaner:  This is a spray that can be sprayed on glass and then wiped off after a couple of seconds with a microfiber cloth. These are available in various fragrances for added appeal.
  • Windshield cleaner fluid:  An effective cleaner fluid for windshields with anti fog properties as well as de-mister liquids for defogging and de-icing were available in the market. This also eliminated spots or smudges on glass windows thus maintaining a clear view.

Windshields have become a topic of concern in India across all automobile manufacturers. Vehicle owners are constantly looking for ways to maintain their windshields and appear good while doing so. Commercial cleaning products are now available to maintain windshields.

Broken windshield glass can be very dangerous as it may lead to accidents, injure occupants of the vehicle, or damage other cars which happen to be near enough during an accident. Owners should look into having an idea about how much windshield replacement costs.

Is it safe to buy car care products online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy car care products online including windshield cleaner, microfiber cloth, wheel brush, etc. When buying windshields online consider buying from Carorbis the online store dedicated to fulfilling the requirement of your cars and bikes in India. You can place your order at Carorbis to get the delivery right at your doorstep without stepping out of your house.

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