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Top Tips For Choosing The Right Storage Unit

Storage units offer a safe and secure space for storing valued items when lacking enough space at home, or when moving across states or countries. Having a safe and affordable space to store possessions alleviates the problem of having to haul belongings when relocating.

Having safe storage to store accumulated clutter clears up space that can be used for other purposes. Self-Storage units are a suitable answer for storing personal items in a secured place without having to dispose of them.

With a variety of storage units in Durham, NC choosing one can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. The following tips, if considered carefully, will be helpful when selecting the right storage unit:

Storage Duration

This is usually determined by the purpose of needing storage space. If the main purpose is to free up space for renovation or to declutter for home staging, then a short-term storage unit is the right choice in this case. The contracts for short-term storage units are usually three months long.

Long-term storage units are the way to go if a long duration of absenteeism is anticipated. Long-term leases tend to be cheaper. This plan is also suitable when there is no intention of reusing the stored items any time soon.


Depending on the location, storage units in Durham, NC range in price. The rented space per square foot will also affect the rental price.

Before renting out a storage space, it’s advisable to sort through the items meant to be stored. Donating or giving away items that serve no purpose will help in bringing the cost down.

Safety and Surveillance

Reading online reviews and asking for recommendations will help in settling for a storage unit that offers 24/7 security, ensuring the safety of the stored valuables.

Renter’s insurance is sometimes required by some storage unit providers. This covers the stored items ensuring their safety. Even the best providers of storage units aren’t immune to break-ins or accidents caused by natural disasters.

Location of The Storage Unit

Storage units tend to be cheaper outside urban areas, where their demand is at an all-time high. Location is also important depending on how frequently the stored items will be accessed.

For convenience, choosing a nearby location is a no-brainer when the storage unit will be accessed frequently thus lowering the cost of the trips to and from the storage unit.


Some storage services offer units equipped with climate control, albeit at a high price. These units are conducive to storing organic materials such as leather. Other items which are sensitive to extreme heat, cold, or humidity should be stored in well-ventilated storage units.

It’s wise to determine beforehand which items can be affected by moisture before storing them for a long time.

Self-Service Versus On-Demand Storage

Self-service storage units are the most common, whereby loading and unloading of the items are done by the person renting the space.

On the other hand, on-demand storage offers a pick-up and transportation service to the storage unit. This offers convenience but is also costly.

Before settling for any storage units Durham NC , carrying out an extensive research helps in getting the facility that is worth every penny.

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