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Best Moving Companies in the US – How to Choose the Best One?

Moving houses, relocating offices, or shipping belongings internationally are perhaps some of the most tiring jobs to get done. It is crucial to hire professional help for all these purposes.

When you look into moving companies’ websites and profiles, you will no doubt see them claiming all the good things about themselves. There is a large pool of moving companies ready to serve each zip code of the country. It is vital to have your own understanding and criterion of which company suits your needs the best.

The Different Types of Moving Companies

When choosing the best moving company, make sure you know the different types of moving services companies offer so you can pick the one that meets your requirements.

  • Long-Distance

Any move, whether from your home or your workplace, that takes place at more than 100 miles of your old place is considered to be a long-distance move. Also, long-distance moving does not necessarily mean moving between states or cities. The definition of what is a long-distance move and how much distance is covered under this service differs from one company to another.

  • Packing and Unpacking Services

If you live in a big house, relocating to a bigger one, or have a whole family to move from one place to another, you may need some professional help with the packing. There are whole separate companies made to provide this service. Plus, you can solicit this service from your moving company if it’s available. They take care of packing your belongings, moving them to the desired location, and then unpacking as well. Some other extra services most movers offer also include taking care of empty boxes, storing your packed belongings for a short period till you find another place, or get your existing one renovated.

  • International

Perhaps the most tedious type of moving to do is international. The laws and compliance issues with moving your belongings to another country are really challenging. As a novice moving to another country for the first time, you may face a whole lot of difficulties in doing all this alone. Therefore, you can employ the international mover services providers for this reason. They take care of shipping your belongings to another city without any hassle. They also take care of paperwork during the shipment, whether by air or by sea.

When choosing an international mover, make sure to do your research thoroughly, take quotes and compare the estimated pricing. You should also inquire about other services they offer, as well as their past experience with international moving.

  • Auto Transport

Driving your car up all the way to another state or city might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, when you are relocating, have your automobiles transported by a reliable auto transport company. Before shipping off your vehicle and handing over the responsibility to another company, make sure to have your car fully checked and up-to-date including the tires, leakages, dents/scratches, and so on.

Best Moving Companies – Reviews

To make sure you get the best of the moving services, here is a list of some industry-leading movers in the nation.

  • FlatRate Moving

One factor that you must consider before choosing a moving company is the experience they have. Flatrate moving is a New York-based moving company that now has its branches in major cities of the country. Their services have now gone international, so international moving is one of the many services you can utilize.

The company has been in the industry since the 1990s. They are the first few ones to provide their customers with an all-inclusive pricing model. Another great part about choosing this moving company is that they are readily available online. You can check or get an estimate for the service you want from their website. Make use of your cheap internet plans and register for any service online only. Their unique services include self-storage and full-service storage, luxury moving, long-distance moving, and office moving.

  • Mayflower Transit

A huge challenge most people face with finding the right moving company is its availability in their area. With Mayflower Transit, you get a detailed website with a feature that lets you search for their nearby locations just by typing in your zip code. You can also get a quick quote on the website, so you can set your budget accordingly.

Some of the major services they offer include international moving, moving services for the military, local moving car and automobile transportation, corporate and long-distance moves. Mayflower Transit also provides packing and unpacking services. Another significant benefit of availing Mayflower Transit is that they provide easy-to-use shipment tracking, so you get a lot of sense of security.

  • United Van Lines

Transparency in the pricing of any moving company is very important. When relocating houses, offices, or moving internationally, your budget is a crucial aspect. Therefore, a moving company that has flexible pricing and a transparent system is a great choice. This is the reason United Van Lines is a very popular moving company in the U.S. They have a huge variety of services on offer. Their services include long-distance moving, packing and unpacking services, small move solutions, international and local moves, military moves, and car transportation services.

You can look up their website to learn more about the quality of services they offer. Online reviews and ratings tell us that the company has an overall rating of 4.1/5, with services and experience across 500+ locations.

United is also a good company for reaching out when you need to dispose of empty boxes, or require short and long-term storage solutions.

  • Wheaton Worldwide Moving

In terms of experience, Wheaton Worldwide Moving is perhaps the leading moving company in the industry. It has been operating and providing safe moves to customers all over the U.S. for the past 75+ years. Their extensive experience makes them the experts at this job.

They offer services for household moves, government, and military moves, interstate, in-state, and corporation moves. Use their website to find an agent in your area, and get a quick estimate of how much will it cost to use Wheaton’s services. They also have resources and useful tips for their customers online, so you can ensure safe and sound transport of your belongings.

  • Moving APT

With almost 20 years of moving experience, Moving APT is known for its top-notch, award-winning moving services. The company is listed on google businesses, so locating them or finding their number is no hassle for anybody. They also have a bunch of satisfactory reviews and star ratings on Google that further helps you decide whether or not they are the right movers for you.

The company has a very interesting story. They started off as a very small-scale transportation company with nothing but a group of 5 men and only 2 trucks to help them carry out their operations. Today, this company has a license from the Department of Transportation and is a verified, reliable, and safe moving company in the U.S. They are recognized as the #1 inter-state movers.

The Endnote

Researching through the market thoroughly is vital for ensuring that your belongings are in safe and reliable hands. Don’t make the mistake of rushing things and believing the claims made by the company. Use the internet to check out customer reviews and get instant quotes from different movers.

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