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Different Types Of Bounce Houses You Did Not Know About

Bounce houses are ideal to use during the kid’s events. For instance, during birthday parties. It is ideal for both kids and toddlers. As a parent, you can either decide to rent or buy bounce houses. One of the key factors is the theme of the event. Matching it with the theme of the event will make the event more colorful and memorable. Size is another factor to consider. Go for the bounce house that can accommodate the number of kids who will be attending the event. Many cheap bounce house rentals deal with bounce houses.

Hereby are examples of bounce houses

  • Castle houses

These types of bounce houses resemble real castles. It has many castles which make the kids more excited and playful during the party. The castles have inflatable shapes. The kid will feel like a real queen or king fighting for their castle when playing in these bounce houses.

  • Inflatable slide

An inflatable slide is another type of bounce house. It is more attractive and appealing for the kids to play in. The inflatable slides can come in two different forms. That is water and dry. The water slides are suitable to use for the kids to use during any event. The kids will slide with water spilling around on one another. The slides also come in different sizes and shapes. You can also keep the slides to use during the summer period. The inflatable ones are ideal for the entire family. In case the kid’s birthday is during the cold seasons, then you can use the dry slides.

  • Inflatable basketball courts

An inflatable basketball court is another type of bounce house that can be used to create more fun during the event. It is ideal for kids that love playing basketball. Both the parents and kids can play on the basketball courts. With the inflatable basketball courts, you will be required to jump high as you can and then drop into the ring. You can decide to rent it to make the event more memorable and enjoyable.

  • Fun birthday cakes

This is another type of bounce house you can use at the party. It is ideal to use during a birthday party. It can also be used during Christmas celebrations with the family. They resemble cakes. The kids are likely to have more fun in this type of bounce house.

  • Inflatable obstacle course

This is one of the popular known bounce houses. It suits both the kids and adults during the event. Both the kids and adults find it more interesting to play in this bounce house as it is colorful. This type of bounce house features some inflatable barrier routes that enable the participants to undertake racing games. This in turn enables them to maintain their fitness.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, there are many types of bounce houses. The above article outlines some examples. You can carefully select the best bounce house for your kid. Careful considerations regarding the size, shape, and the theme of the event should be made before buying or renting the bounce houses. The bounce houses are safe to use for the kids as long as the safety rules are adhered to.

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