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Craft Beer Packaging: What are your Options?

There are thousands of breweries that operate across the United States. Because of this much competition, standing out from the rest can be quite challenging. One of the most important strategies brewers have to employ is to get creative with their packaging while ensuring their selection options match their distribution and demand. When it comes to packaging, they can choose from cartons and custom options depending on their products’ size, market demand, and what they wish to do with their packaging. The following are some of their options:

Packaging Boxes

These big containers can hold standard 12-ounce bottles and bigger options like 22-ounce bottles. They are made to hold four 6-packs and feature sturdy construction. Packaging boxes are corrugated cardboard boxes that can be improved to match the branding of a craft brewery through various printing techniques. Brands that feature very high-resolution or colorful graphics can opt for litho lamination or preprint to come up with attractive packaging. For brands that don’t require a significant amount of graphics, direct packaging may be a better choice. This works by printing the graphics on the corrugated paperboard itself.

Custom Packaging

Reputable box manufacturers can produce a unique packaging that reflects your brand. This helps you stand out from the competition and make your brand identifiable. A good example of custom craft beer packaging is gift packaging. Breweries that provide branded glass, large-style bottles, and growlers usually offer them as gift sets. A reliable manufacturer can help you design attractive packaging that keeps your products secure and showcase them through die-cut openings, impressive folds and shapes, and more.


You can use trays for storing, shipping, and displaying bigger quantities of cans and bottles. Trays can be designed with greater stacking strength or for display purposes. You can have their handles die-cut into the sides for ease of carrying. And since these trays can also be made from corrugated paperboard, you can choose the same printing methods available for packaging boxes. This gives you a variety of branding opportunities to promote your company and product.

When considering trays when packaging craft beer cans and bottles, take the overall utility in mind. If the tray has to hold a huge number of beverages, it might not be used for other purposes. For instance, if you choose a tray that holds 36-42 cans, it will be more for display, transportation, or storage use instead of carrying around.

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