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Making The Aviation Dream Possible in 2021

Start your aviation career, while being at home. This is the best opportunity for the ones who dream of becoming a pilot. This distance learning starts with a well-structured course, accumulating all the essential information. An online pilot training can be completed on a tablet, computer, or phone. The course consists of three main stages namely, content player, learning management system, and the content.

The content involved in the training

There are modules created by using videos, narration audio, narration texts, graphics, and interactive features. These modules are equivalent to the chapters and subchapters. An online pilot training consists of more than 15 modules, wherein each of the modules represents a different aircraft. Each module contains some specific scenes and the content associated with them. A player is required to view the content of the course.

 A window is provided to the course player to view the graphics that are associated with the scenes. The experiences are made real by the window. This will help the players to view scene numbers, various controls, module title, indication, navigation, the course title, and audio settings. This course is designed to let the players learn about self-evident controls and navigation. A responsive layout is designed to provide the players the benefits of adjusting the screens and thus have a great experience.

Steps to Access the course

The course is stored at a central location, the learning management system is called the brain of it. It is also called LMS in short, this is responsible for many functions such as reporting, administration, tracking, delivery, and the documentation of the course. The face of the LMS entirely depends on the user type. A pilot will only be able to see the assigned courses, user settings, and training dates. Whereas the training manager will have access and can see all the course and user management.

These courses can be downloaded, facilitating the users to access them in the area of unsteady internet connections. With the options to access the course in offline and online mode, these courses are ideal for someone who wants to become a pilot.

Additional elements added to the course

Learning records stores can be installed to expand the amount and types of different user activity. Various functions are monitored by training management systems. The functions that are handled are development, optimization, training, scheduling, planning, qualification, and evaluation. An LMS, course player and training information are required in an online pilot training.

The working of the course

At first, the required aircraft system information is covered in the ground school. This will be followed by selecting a content provider from a department. Users can also hire a content provider, it turns out to be a cost-saving move. This will also bring in more benefits such as a high-end development team with exceptional experience and skills. Once the courses are created, getting approval is the next step. This process involves checking the content and making sure if it contains satisfactory content.

The checking is done by line pilots, regulatory inspectors, and SMEs. This is one of the most crucial steps and hence if any changes are required, it is done immediately. After this is done, the airline will be responsible for assigning courses, eliminating users, accessing reports, changing user assignments and roles. Airlines will hold on to the responsibilities to request new content, its modifications, and the LMS.

Benefits of the online courses

Online pilot training is regarded as more fruitful and efficient when compared to traditional face-to-face training. It is proven that the students learning from online courses seem to have learned more than the ones studying in a classroom. Many reputed airlines have introduced distance learning courses by introducing online aviation courses.


There are many benefits of online pilot training, such as automation, student empowerment, and cost-effectiveness. These courses are a blessing for someone with a dream to become a pilot one fine day. Since many students cannot come down to the classroom and learn, online courses have made it possible to learn from home. The course is designed to teach the students with effective and precise details. This is a great way to start living the aviation dream, right from the comfort of home.

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