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Water Damage and Restoration: A Complete Guide

Water damage primarily refers to any sort of possible damages that results in minor or major losses caused by the intrusion of water. Usually, water is known to attack a material or a system which might result in different types of destructive processes like rotting of wood,  bacteria growth, rusting of steel, mold growth, swelling of composite wood, delamination of materials like plywood or damage to painting of a particular object or an area.

Besides these kinds of damages, there might be more minor damages like leakage in the ceiling or water spots which could eventually result in vital damage to the entire surface. These problems might also result in the bursting of pipelines which might, in turn, lead to flooding of the whole area. Water damage stands to be a significant reason for the loss of property in many parts of the United States. For this reason, water damage restoration services are very important in such areas.

Why Do People Opt for Water Damage Restoration?

In the United States, a very common problem is water leakage or plumbing leakage. It has been observed that as per the environmental protection agency,  13.7 % of all the quantity of water that is being used in residential houses can be attributed to plumbing leaks. According to an average estimation, minimum 10000 gallons of water is wasted due to plumbing leakage each year in the United States. This situation is extremely alarming because, in recent times of global warming and water pollution, this kind of water wastage might result in vital consequences on the ecosystem.

A suitable solution to this problem might be regular inspection of all the water pipes by the house owners. It is also very important to replace worn-out fittings from time to time and keep a regular check on all household appliances that use water at least once in six to eight months. There are a few known water damage restoration services in the United States that offer a whole-house leak protection system by using flow-based technologies.

Furthermore, people often face a problem when the insurance policies deny to cover the cost of anything associated with water damage. In parts of the United States,  one common cause of residential water damage is the ill-functioning of the sump pump.  Most of the house owners complain that their insurance policies don’t support these damages and do not bear the cost of these water damage restoration. Thus, the need for water damage restoration services is growing in modern times.

Causes for Water Damage

Water damage can occur due to various different reasons. Such reasons might include something as small as a broken dishwasher hose, A washing machine overflow,  a dishwasher or a pipe leakage,  cracked or broken pipes, or something more severe like flood water damage, Groundwater seepage, building envelope failure, clogged drain, toilets among others.

Water Damage can be divided into three different categories based on the level of contamination in the water. It is essential to know and understand them.

Category 1 Water

It primarily refers to a source of water that does not cause any serious threat to humans.  This type of water is known as”clean water”. Simple examples of this kind of water would be the water present in broken water supply lines or overflowing tab and sink.  This type of water is also a part of all the appliances that are used in homes and involves water supply lines.

Category 2 Water

It refers to a water source that contains chemical,  physical or biological contaminants. This type of water can affect humankind and cause sickness if consumed or exposed to. This category of water is commonly known as “grey water.” The water might also carry microorganisms which might have an adverse effect on humans. An example of this kind of water is toilet bowls with urine or seepage due to hydrostatic failure.

Category 3 Water

Category 3 usually refers to the water that contains unhygienic elements, which might include harmful bacteria and fungi. Consumption or exposure to this water might cause severe sickness and discomfort and might have many other adverse effects on humankind. This water is commonly referred to as “black water” and usually includes sewage water,  seawater, and storm surge.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a very vital practice in modern times and can easily be performed by Property Management teams, building maintenance organizations, or by the house owners themselves. However,  in the modern United States, there are plenty of such service providers that take care of water damage problems and provide lifelong solutions to them. It is essential to take advice from a certified professional water damage restoration specialist to obtain valuable inputs and specialized solutions which are long-term in nature and are safe and scientifically proven.

The procedure for restoration of water damage is comparatively complex in nature and includes vital inspection with water sensing equipment like probes and other infrared tools. These tools help in the determination of the source of the damage and also reveals the possible extent of areas that are affected.

So far, there are no government guidelines regarding water damage restoration in the United States. There are two certified bodies, namely IICRC and RIA, which are responsible for providing recommendations about the standard of care in case of water damage. It is a rule that all companies providing water damage Restoration facilities should register themselves with the California Contractors State Licence Board.


Water damage restoration basically refers to the specialized service of removing water from a particular place and restoring it to a livable and pre-damaged condition. It is imperative to understand the need and necessity for this restoration to happen. It might not always require experts but also can start with simple efforts at home.

In the current situation,  it has become vital to be aware of our surroundings and to understand the needs for protecting our ecosystem. Proper awareness should also be spread about why water restoration is necessary and how it can help us and our future generations to sustain a healthy life.

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