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CBD Extraction Method

CBD oil has gotten famous for its medical and therapeutic benefits. CBDs offer different kinds of relief from various ailments and conditions. Such include anxiety relief and relief from chronic pain, like that experienced by cancer patients. The advantage of this natural healer is that it is not addictive. During extraction, THC, the addictive substance in cannabis, is separated from CBD and other compounds. Therefore because of their non-psychoactive nature, CBD oils can be used by both children and adults.

Cannabidiols are extracted using different methods. Different methods produce individual compounds and varied by-products. Here are some extraction methods employed by most companies.

1.Solvent extraction method

It involves the use of alcohol, isopropyl, butane, propane, or ethanol to extract CBD. It is among the least expensive methods, which means that it is worth considering if you are interested in producing CBD. It is also among the fastest ways. Although it is hazardous due to the solvents’ highly volatile nature, having the right equipment from PumpBiz ensures that your production process is safer and more reliable.

The technique extracts cannabinoids and chlorophyll, which gives the final products a characteristic bitter taste. In the process, plant trimmings and flowers are put into a container. Next, the solvent is soaked into the material, thus stripping them off of cannabinoids. Lastly, the mixture is evaporated, leaving behind concentrated cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are in an oil form.

2.CO2 extraction

As CBD companies have flourished and become more advanced, many have chosen the CO2 extraction method. This method has become more advanced with time, and for this reason, it is the most expensive. Although complicated and costly, it is beneficial if done correctly. CBD oils obtained using this method are safe, potent and chlorophyll free.

During this process, the raw materials are put into three separate chambers. In the first solid CO2, and the second chamber dry plant matter. The third one is for the separation of the final product. Dry ice is pumped into the chamber containing plant material, where it takes up a supercritical form. This supercritical CO2 runs through the plant material extracting the cannabinoids. Lastly, the mixture goes into the third chamber. Here the CO2 floats at the top, leaving pure CBD oil at the bottom.

3.Olive oil extraction

The next process is the olive oil extraction process. It is the oldest method, and most CBD users attest to preferring it most. Olive oil extraction is the safest, it is not very expensive, and it is also simple. The raw plant materials are first heated to the preferred temperature in a given time frame during extraction. It allows the activation of the materials in the plants. At this point, the cannabinoids are extracted.

Because the olive oil doesn’t evaporate during the extraction process, the final product is not as concentrated as cannabinoids extracted using other extraction methods. CBD extracted using this method is highly perishable. Therefore, you may need to keep it in cool and dark areas. This may not be convenient for many CBD users and producers.

These are the different methods of extracting CBD oils. They all produce different CBD concentrations and in various states of purity.

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