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Know the difference between CBD and hemp

CBD has been attracting a lot of attention over the years for the number of conditions it can help fight in the human body. People often get confused on whether CBD is a product of hemp or cannabis. You should know that these compounds are derived from different types of cannabis sativa. The difference between hemp and CBD is matter of hierarchy. CBD is within hemp oil, and hemp oil is just a refined form of hemp to isolate those cannabinoids. So, you could say that CBD is derivative of Hemp. Hemp derives CBD products that have not more than 0.3% THC amounts. Cannabis-derived products could be illegal depending on which state you come from. Find out how these two differ as you prepare to go for your CBD oil shopping today.

Cannabis CBD

The basic factor to understand is that there is more THC than CBD in cannabis while hemp has more CBD than THC. You should know that the therapeutic benefits of CBD do not change whether it has been harvested from cannabis or hemp plant and so do the side effects like feeling fatigued. It is however not advisable for professionals to extract CBD from cannabis because of the limited amounts found in the same. It is besides illegal to use products that are made from plants but depict high amounts of THC in them (amounts exceeding 0.3% THC).

Hemp CBD

Hemp as a plant is a species of cannabis sativa that is grown more for its economical use than recreational needs. Over the years, hemp has been used for making ropes, sails, food and now the medicinal properties being discovered make it an ideal option to use for various forms of treatment. It can be legally grown in different states due to the low THC amount in it. Hemp is however rich in CBD and that makes it very preferable for harvesting CBD oil which has various uses in the industry today. The only big difference between cannabis CBD and hemp CBD is their legality status in different countries of refer to what your


A lot of the CBD products you will find in the market are made from hemp plant because of the how CBD rich the plant is. Before shopping for any CBD products, you should check out from the instructions indicated concerning THC amount as it is the compound responsible for psychoactive behavior experienced in users. You only have to make sure your doctor knows when you start using CBD oil for treating various ailments.

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