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Bathroom Renovation: Where To Start?

Are you ready to revamp your bathroom? If the flooring and tiles are a mess, the fixtures outdated, the ventilation a wreck and the paint faded, it’s time to consider a bathroom renovation. If you have not upgraded any feature in your bathroom for a very long time, looking at all the things you need or want to replace and redo can be a bit overwhelming.

So simply a step back, and refrain from going wild with purchasing various fixtures and fittings at the local home improvement store. Proper planning will help keep things organized and will ensure that you have everything mapped our correctly. This can potentially save you a significant amount of time, trouble, and money down the track.

Steps To Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

Step 1: Chalk out The Budget

Without a detailed budget, this project will not get off the ground at all. It’s why you need to determine exactly how much money you’d be able to channel towards the bathroom renovation. You need to do this before deciding that you want that fancy mirror or latest smart showerhead installed. Every dollar matters when it comes to planning a successful renovation. Factor in an additional 20% into the estimated cost for incidentals and last-minute additions.

Step 2: Things You Will Be Spending the Money On

Once you’ve created the budget, you can begin allocating the money. If you are planning a smaller project, price things such as the sink or paint at the home improvement store or online. Determine how much you’d need to spend on various aspects of this project. Consider all the materials you want and the tradespeople you’d need for various tasks.

Step 3: Hire Professionals or Not?

For an extensive bathroom renovation project, you would have to decide whether you want to engage the services of a professional or manage things yourself. DIY can be a better option if you are working on a modest budget. However, a bathroom renovation involves many intricacies and things can go wrong when you do not have the knowledge or experience to handle things expertly. This is something you need to keep in view while planning your remodel.

Step 4: Determine Which Elements You are Installing in the Bathroom

You might be renovating the entire bathroom or simply upgrading certain features and fixtures. In either case, it’s vital to make a list, which mentioned all the things you want to add. This will ensure that you have a good hold on everything including the supplies, labor, and budget. Some of the things you might want to add to the list could look something like this:

  • Upgrade faucets and sinks
  • Add new lighting fixtures
  • Incorporate extra storage for toiletries and other items
  • Install roomy vanities, hidden toilets, bigger shower space
  • Time estimates
  • Materials

These are just some of the other things to focus on while planning your bathroom. Your list would include many other things based on what you are planning and want to install and upgrade.

Create a comprehensive to-do list where you note the projects will you start first and which would be last. Set everything in the right order, while creating a rough timeline so you know when all these things would finally be completed.

Following these steps will help keep your project on track. It will also save you the hassles of redoing things, spending more money than intended on the bathroom renovation. Consult with experts field and hire the services of proven professionals so that you get the bathroom of your dreams, and well within your budget.

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