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Find Out the different ways of using Marijuana

Marijuana consumers are growing every day as more States and countries are legalizing its use. Since it is challenging to install morals in people, the federal government holds its stance of making the plant illegal. However, marijuana users need to understand the local legislation regulating the plant’s use in their region. It is advisable to choose a licensed weed vendor than opting to buy from the streets. In this read, we will look at ways of using it.

Ways to Consume Marijuana

Apart from smoking, there are several ways of consuming the product. It is vital to consider the reasons you are using when looking to buy your product from a weed dispensary. They are the ideal sellers for medical and recreational cannabis. Here are some of the most popular ways of cannabis use;

Oral Ingestion

For many years people are consuming weed in edibles. It is also common for individuals to cook the plant in other types of food. Oral ingestion is now becoming popular with users of all ages and walks of life. The main reason for the growth is that more producers use edible products to market marijuana for medical and recreational uses. They include tea from marijuana leaves, chewing gum, and cookies. On the other hand, companies are extracting oil from the plant to manufacture cooking products.


It is the most popular technique of using cannabis. The process involves using smoking papers for rolling. Try taking tobacco from a cigarette and replacing it with the plant if you do not have the ideal rolling paper.  Also, you can use a bong or pipe for smoking. It is an ancient way of smoking cannabis plant products, and you can purchase the equipment at a weed dispensary, or they can recommend where to buy it.


Vaping is the most modern and trending method of consuming cannabis. It involves ingesting the product in vapor form. The technique involves heating the product until it is slightly below its combustion point. Users have a small device that produces less smoke to the surrounding.

There is a continuous rise in the use of marijuana plant extracts only. After purchasing the component, a person heats it in the same way as vapers do. The technique is known as dabbing. Unlike other marijuana consumption techniques, users consider both dabbing and vaping as more effective in getting the best high.

Other Methods

The tincture is also a modern method of ingesting weed. It is an extraction from cannabis that absorbs into the body when one places the sachet under the tongue. The procedure is popular for treating medical conditions as it contains a high concentration of cannabis components.  There are new products that consumers can spray into the mouth to get high.


Just like the technique of consumption, the effects of using cannabis differ from one person to another. Ensure you keep safe during the global COVID19 pandemic by avoiding sharing your bongs. Also, observe all safety guidelines as set by the authorities.

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